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Incredible quality!


Gorgeous black padfolio

Feels good on the hands the pebbled leather.


Great pocket journal. I use it as a refernce note taker, as I read a book and it has other book references I jot them down. Also a great way of having by your side and if some idea comes up just jot it down. Quilaty is what you expect only the best.

Superb craftsmanship

Purchased as a gift for a friend. The pen is exquisitely beautiful with excellent detail. The history supporting the pen‘s build is what drew me into purchasing it. Even more is that some proceeds help support Good Kids Mad City - Englewood. The pen is an amazing piece of history which also helps to give back in a meaningful way.

Never Second-Guessing Wood Pens Again

Like the title says, I thought I was a metal-pen-man for life: I own two solid-metal-machined pens that I love - my Excalibur, which is my work pen, and my Embercleave, which occupies my planner. Yes, I name my pens. Deal with it. Anyway, I thought I'd get a pen with some history to go with the journal that I'd use to track my own history. Having worked with them on the aforementioned planner, Allegory readily came to mind for the task. The result of my request is a pen lighter than either Excalibur or Embercleave, but perfectly balanced by the metal fixings on either end; it is a joy to write with or spin around as a fidget. I picked the ancient bog oak for its regal dark wood, and I honored that history by naming it Naegling, after the ancient sword Beowulf brings with him into his final confrontation. My love for this fine implement demands, however, that I show it greater care than Beowulf did its namesake.

The Ancients are small pieces of our world's vast history - even if the pen is light, that's weight of a different kind. If you're willing to bear it, you'll find an able companion that will not easily let you down, as long as you pay it the proper attention.


4.5 stars may be more fair. Nice material that appears durable which is a big positive. The finishing is not high end, but still good. If I’m in the market for more leather goods, I’d shop here again.


So amazing to have such a piece of history. I couldn't be happier. It is so beautiful.

Perfect Gift

I purchased this for a colleague as a graduation gift (Master) and as I opened it the morning of graduation to wrap it - the craftsmanship and quality was amazing. I loved the embossed monograms were not "colored" but embossed and very regal and distinctive. The price vs quality is so incomparable - the product is amazing and you will not be disappointed and the service follow-up for shipping were nice personal touches. My kudos to the owner and committed employees - brilliant company!!! Thom


Great craftsmanship, awesome weight, and writes flawlessly. Will be buying more of these as gifts.

Beautiful Gift!

I ordered this as a gift for my son-in-law for his graduation. He is a history buff and I knew he would appreciate the historic significance of the wood in this pen. He loved it!
The workmanship is top notch. I also had his initials engraved. I would definitely order again. I think it would be nice to include a page or two with some of the story that is on the website. Just in case the recipient is unaware of the significance and does not go there to read it. I found the story very interesting.

Wonderful, great memory of battleship and our time here in NC!
Perfect quality and service.
We are from Germany and take this great ballpoint pen with great memories with us!


I got the Macana Messenger Bag in saddle with colibri lining, personalized; hands down one of the best messenger bags I have ever owned. The craftsmanship is second to none, and I look forward to the many journeys we will have together!

Blessed gift

Purchased those pens 6+ times for my friends' ordination. Meaningful and blessed gifts for them. Love Allegory.


It’s really so simple. This is a well-designed piece of meticulously crafted, useful luxury for the daily grind. Overkill? Maybe. But then again so is the stock on my favorite hunting rifle. It, like this, is drop-dead gorgeous for no other reason than being so.

Oh my Oh My !!!

I purchased this pen in 2017 & it has become my favorite go to pen. Most comfortable style and I really like how it has some weight to it.

great quality

amazing quality, zipper and clasps are high quality. I really appreciate the attention to detail from this company. heavy duty leather and stitching should last many years to come. lots of room for phones and tablets.


Not only has this pen been made with the teak decking of a famous battleship, it also writes well and is well-balanced with the brass trim. I like the heavier feel of the pen. It also has special meaning for me with the 1937 inscription of the pen which is my birth date. I also appreciate the stylish leather case for the pen. It's a great conversation piece!


Well I have to say I bought it for my wife and she loves it. I love the feel of the leather and it holds the writing pad in place very well. That's all I can say as will wait to get one for myself sometime in the future.

Leather Pen Sleeve
Sal Vivanco
Leather pen sleeve

This works great as I had a few writing insturments that needed some easy to use protection. Love the feel and does the job well, I am very impressed.

Great Pens Excellent Workmanship

These pens were of excellent workmanship. I can tell I will love using them. I bought one of them as a gift and they have a really Great story! USA

My favorite!

When my friends get ordained, I give this pen as a gift. It is meaningful with good looking, and smooth to write.


Love this pen. Materials and design are user friendly. Unique. Really like the way the cap screws onto the back when you’re using it.

WOW, The one

I had a small metal wallet that I got a long time ago and over the years part of it had broke. I had looked at a lot of other potential replacements that weren't quite right for me or were crazy expensive before I found this one. I found this one by allegory while I was actually looking for folios. After reading about it I figured I would try it. It has only been a couple weeks so far, but I love it. It fits all of my cards, does not add to much bulk to my pocket. In all, it holds 13 cards for me (with space for more if i needed). I love the look, feel and quality of it. I really hope that it lasts, but I know the really helpful people at Allegory who were able to rush it to me would make it right if it started to have any issues anyway.

Front Pocket EDC Pouch | Zippered
Schmidt. John Jakob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
This thing is so incredibly handy!

It has saved me so many pockets!. It's a very affordable price for such a convenient, well-made product. It has upped my EDC game considerably. I plan on buying more of them to give them away for presents.

front pocket organizer

very well made and comfortable.

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