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Nice everyday carry

Bought as a gift - I think he'll love it.

My first purchase as a gift, receiver became an instant fan

Backed this in kickstarter as a gift in 2014 for a very hard to please guy who always on a lookout for "business" pen.

He have all kinds pens from retail to custom made ones but all of which got replaced by him within the year. He loved this pen's weighted feel, non shaking pen nib and overall comfort and design of this pen. He always got people asking him where he got this pen.

This is start of him being a fan and him bugging me to get him more whenever there's new pen design coming out. 😅

Amazing pen

I backed this on Kickstarter for my Dad as a Christmas present. He's a railway engineer and was thrilled with this meaningful gift. It's great quality and he uses it all the time. Thank you.

An Elegant Writing Utensil

This was my first Allegory pen, and it made me never want to look back. Everything about this pen -- the weight, the look, even the smell -- radiates class. I recommend this pen to anyone who appreciates a writing utensil that is about more than just the act of putting ink to the page.

A Splendid Piece of History

This pen is the one I use for all my most important and meaningful writing. It has a pleasant weight in the hand, the bolt-action is smooth and the quality is top notch. I love the connection to US military history and would recommend this pen to anyone with a love of unique writing instruments.

My favorite pen

I have owned this pen for years and carry it with me everywhere (it pairs nicely with my Frost Journal!). The woodwork is gorgeous and smooth in hand, and it is nicely balanced for a great writing experience. I bought a second one for my grandfather who is a carpenter - he loves it as well!

Goes with me everywhere!

I love this journal; I have had it for a number of years and have refilled it twice. I carry it everywhere to jot down quick notes or longer thoughts. The leather is soft and supple and is a pleasure to hold while I write. Easily refillable. It looks classy and professional for work or school.

My Favourite Allegory Goods Writing Implements

The Model C is simple and elegant, and comes with some of the best options in materials I've ever encountered in writing implements. I have a Bethlehem Olivewood pencil as well as a Bog Oak pen. Light and slender, suitable for any size user, the personalization options make them perfect gifts. Next time I need an elegant pen, or pencil, this is what I will purchase.

My Favourite Allegory Goods Writing Implements

The Model C is simple and elegant, and comes with some of the best options in materials I've ever encountered in writing implements. I have a Bethlehem Olivewood pencil as well as a Bog Oak pen. Light and slender, suitable for any size user, the personalization options make them perfect gifts. Next time I need an elegant pen, or pencil, this is what I will purchase.

Comfortable, solid, gorgeous, and meaningful.

I backed the Kickstarter for these pens, getting them both as a gift and for myself, and they have been everyday use pens for the last year and a half. They are solid and easy to use, and cannot recommend them enough to people who want a good every day pen. Also, the sourcing of materials makes these more meaningful to me and my family. Allegory Goods continues to make excellent products suitable for gifts, display, or use by anyone.

Amazing Construction, Amazing Meaning

I backed the Arc Edition's Kickstarter and got two of the limited edition variants as gifts for family. These pens embody Allegory Goods's amazing craftsmanship and knack for making their products meaningful as well as beautiful. Comfortable to use, gorgeous to display.

Last Wallet I'll ever own

For years I was into minimalist wallets, every one had a gimmick that someone else really thought was great, but I'd get one and it was either too cheap, too uncomfortable, or just unusable.

I've had this wallet for years it's held up very well, it's the best wallet I've owned. I have the combo money clip/card, and the RFID. With the card/clip combo I almost never have to pull it out of my pocket as I can grab my primary cards or cash by feel. With the RFID I can store my passport card or other RFID cards while I'm traveling. It holds 10 cards and my fisher space pen alongside them.

This wallet is so great I'm getting two more, one as a spare for my self, and one for my son. With the soft leather, custom interior, custom front/back, and the message there's no doubt that your wallet will be one of a kind, just the way you are.

Once you own this you never have to deal with minimalist wallets that fall apart, use rubber bands, or shove an uncomfortable metal wallet into your pocket again.

Quality materials, customized for you. This wallet truly is the top of the line.

Beautiful, minimal bag

I gave this bag to a frequently-traveling friend who also has a streamed-line, minimalistic style. She uses it continuously over 4 years and it has worn beautifully. She also loves the flat profile and how it doesn't bulk up her travel style. Sort of wish I had kept it for myself! :)

Awesome Wallet

I've been using this wallet for several years after supporting it on Kickstarter. It's been an awesome wallet that has survived this whole time. After putting it in your pocket, you may forget it's there - which is great!

Excellent Pen and Gift

This was my second pen purchased from allegory. I intended to purchase this as a gift for my father and decided to grab myself one as well. The pen itself is amazing quality and the bolt action is just an added element of cool.

Amazing First Purchase

I purchased this pen while it was on indiegogo. Originally purchased for the historical significance and didn't know how often I would actually write with it. It has become my every day pen. The feel and the writing itself are top notch. The physical pen itself is amazing. After this, I have purchased 2 more pens that I enjoy as well.

Get for the family

I use these as a stocking stuffer and for office presents. I think it's very easy to make a personal and heartwarming gift with one of these. The customer service and quality is exceptional.

Great Product

Absolutely fantastic, would absolutely recommend.

Simplicity itself

I'm a wallet lover, always jumping from one to another, and although I've moved on from this one since buying it on a kickstarter whim, it was my wallet for about 2 years, longer than most of them last.

It was small and incredibly sleek (saving my over-stuffed pockets from bulging for once), but held everything it needed it to. I opted for none of the add-ons, as far as I can remember, but it's the materials used and attention to detail (as with all of the Allegory items I've purchased over the years) which make this wallet so special.

I may go dig it out and give it a second life in the wallet rotation!

The first of my many, many Allegory purchases

As a pen lover, I took a chance in this when it was one of Allegory's earliest (maybe first?) kick-starter campaigns.

I haven't looked back since.

The quality of the pen itself is matched by the thoughtfulness of its presentation and accessories, and the company was quick to offer support when I had a (self caused) issue.

A quality pen, from quality craftspeople.

5 Star Product

I have used one of these every single day to write down little notes and draw small scenes of whatever is going on in my life. I find it immensely useful for everyday activities and I think that everyone should have something like this. Superb quality

5 Stars!

I have had this padfolio since 2018 and it is arguably the most important piece of Kit I have as a professional. It is my favorite things that I touch every single day. I cannot thank the team who created this enough for helping gift to me such an incredibly important tool for my craft. These stains you see on my photo are the different ink colors I have written on within this. It has been years in the making. I love this thing a ton.

Pure class

I bought this for my father-in-law for his birthday, a history buff and businessman. I don't think I could have found a better present if I looked for another year. Incredible quality, beautiful pen, amazing piece of history which he keeps on his desk. The action is smooth, the wood as gorgeous as all of allegory's pieces. I never have a single doubt about buying from Allegory ever since I first discovered them on kickstarter.

My favorite by far!

I have customized versions of this pen in fountain and rollerball. The magnetic click is very satifying when placing the cap. Both pens write great and Allegory was easy to work with on creating these for me. Worth every penny. I also purchased one as a gift.

Stunning Pen!

I own a number of Allegory pens and the 1941 was no disappointment. It is absolutely beautiful and the action is unique and fun. Also, a great use for a piece of American history!

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