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Great Story - Great Pen - Great Service!

The Wanderer is another showcase of craftsmanship and quality. For me, it's the story that elevates this to a showpiece. Carrying a piece of history to my work makes this pen something I treasure. When my pen arrived with a misprint of my monogram, the Allegory Goods team addressed the concern quickly and fully. I am, once again, so impressed by this product and the team behind it.

My 14 year old son loves it!

He loves everything WWII, especially the that fact that he's writing with a piece of history, from a battleship, in his hand!

Shapes on model R.

If you’re use to plastic pens, like myself then this is a transition to a well weighted model R, the shapes and lines are simple, and I like the snap. The cylinders on the end of the pen, remind me of well thought out architecture. The cone and dome, are sharp and arched, and I like that it is chrome not gold or brass.

Really nice wallet

Seems to be well made. My goal was to get something slimmer than my previous wallet since I keep it in my front pocket. The money clip is really nice too!

Everything I hoped it would be and more!

I was skeptical about this bag. I wrote the company with a question and while it took a couple of days, I did get an answer - from a real person!!!

The bag is amazing. It is so well-constructed and fits way more than I thought it would! I’ve been trekking to and from the office with my 17” laptop, mouse, iPad, two notebooks, a pen, plus hand sanitizer, mints, Kleenex and other various items. I clip my water bottle to the carabiner. It’s perfect. I’ve already gotten many compliments.

I did a trade in

So I initially purchased the pencil, but did not love writing with the pencil. I am just not a fan of thick leaded pencils. Maybe because I am a lefty, and don't like smearing. So I asked if I could trade it in for the pen. Allegory was wonderful and happy to oblige. I love the pen. It has a unique locking mechanism that feels very tight when it clicks into the extension position. It is simply beautiful. It is my second Allegory pen (I also have the Model C), and I am not sure which I prefer. Great products.

Leather Pen Wrap
Darla Kincaid
Perfect storage for my Allegory pens and pencil.

I now split my work between my office and my home, but I want to use my favorite pens and pencil in both places. This beautiful leather wrap lets me securely stow my pens and pencil into my backpack and transport them between my offices with no chance of any of the pens slipping out or being lost. A perfect solution for my situation.

I love this set!

This is my second set of Allegory writing tools. I also own a customized ballpoint pen and pencil set (Model C) I think. I love all of my Allegory items. This set has a weight to them that makes them feel substantial in your hand. In some way the fountain pen especially makes me take care with my writing. The gel pen writes smoothly and evenly. I chose the Pickled Redwood and the Olive wood for this set. Both are beautifully finished. Truly works of art.

The Writer

This was a gift to a writer that is publishing a book on slavery in Southern Illinois. This gift was truly a gift because this writer was able to walk in some of Martin Luther King's footsteps. I am sure this pen will give this writer inspiration to keep writing about the wrongs of our nation. By the way--the writer was beyond thrilled!!!

Left, right, and back pocket

I have one of each of these in the coffee color, use at least one of these daily, there is virtually no wear on any of them, and have found them the perfect item for my edc.

Aficionado review

Easily one of my favorite pens. Craftsmanship is excellent. This pen is a little larger than others but the weight is great. Cannot recommend this enough.


Nice. You get what you pay for with little wow factor.

My Model C Click Pen

The most useful thing to say about the Model C is that I use it every day and I no doubt should have ordered more refills.
Looks great, feels great, works great and I hope I don't wear it out!!

Passport Cover
Hermanni Savolainen
Avsolutely fantastic

Fits perfectly and the quality is top notch. Will defo last a lifetime

A very nice product.

The pocket sized memo book is nicely made and a joy to use. And I think about the company and their story when I use it.

My New Mini Pen

I love it, both the pen and the wood. It fits everywhere. So, I'm just going to get another!

Perfect fit

This is just what I was looking for, this is the perfect sized notebook to fit in my back pocket. The leather is great and aged well to give total distinction for my book.


Absolutely beautiful. I got the Olivewood and could not be happier. Excellent quality and attention to detail, even down to a personal note in the package. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Great Work Bag!

I was looking for a quality leather bag that has personality but still presents as professional. This was the winner, hands down!

Wish I could give 6 stars!

Best personal item I own! Love it, love it, love it! Loved working with Jessica and other staff. I deeply appreciate the personalization. I am writing a memoir about my tour in the Vietnam War, the aftermath, and the ultimate reconciliation. Note in the pic below the engraving of Japanese Torii, our regimental logo. Also, note that the pen was engraved with 101 for 101st Airborne Division. How cool!

Legacy Leather

I will not go into the details of the design, because in it’s self is an adventure. But my parents were leather workers at a point. I have works from both. My father gave me his leather was, with Chinese keys on it, which was patina in his pocket. Two thief’s tried to steal it from him getting on the bus, but grabbed it before one pulled it out of his pocket. The leather is much thinner then this, I can carry this by hand or in my tactical Fanny pack with kindle, extra glasses, you know all myTibetan la EDC. Everything for reading and writing in my Bullet journal method. As a BuJo newbie I am doing a flurry of notes these days, my BuJo is always open. Like my father’s patina leather legacy, this is my patina, even if I have other leather supplies, but probably will not patina like my father’s wallet.

Great Wallet

High quality. Love the features I chose (a card holder on each side and a money clip).

The money clip is different than in the pictures but seems to be an improvement over the original and holds cash well.

Original, practical and well made

The Macana messenger bag is different to other leather bags of this type. First of, the leather has received a waterproof treatment, which is very convenient for a bag to use in all circumstances. I like the originality of the ancient Incan fabric lining inserted inside the front cover, which looks great but also conveys a cultural and historical touch that I particularly appreciate. I like that this bag is very practical with many pockets and a unique yet secured closing system. I like that this bag has been designed with us (the end customers) in mind and the idea of providing a quality product that is easy to use and over a long period of time. I think that the originality and practicality of this bag is on a par with the originality, fresh concepts and quality seen in other products of this relatively young but very exciting company.

Beautiful pen!

I love items with a story behind it and this pen definitely has a story to tell. The pen is beautifully made, has a nice weight, and writes perfectly. I use it nearly every day. The pen itself deserves 5 stars. However, I also ordered a custom engraved box with my order but they must have forgotten to put down the engraving for me. Overall, my whole shopping experience with Allegory is 4 stars.

Edit: I've increased my rating to 5 stars. Jess from Allegory reached back out to me and sent me a replacement box with the correct engravings. They handled this quickly and efficiently with no hassle. Thanks!

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