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My favorite!

When my friends get ordained, I give this pen as a gift. It is meaningful with good looking, and smooth to write.


Love this pen. Materials and design are user friendly. Unique. Really like the way the cap screws onto the back when you’re using it.

WOW, The one

I had a small metal wallet that I got a long time ago and over the years part of it had broke. I had looked at a lot of other potential replacements that weren't quite right for me or were crazy expensive before I found this one. I found this one by allegory while I was actually looking for folios. After reading about it I figured I would try it. It has only been a couple weeks so far, but I love it. It fits all of my cards, does not add to much bulk to my pocket. In all, it holds 13 cards for me (with space for more if i needed). I love the look, feel and quality of it. I really hope that it lasts, but I know the really helpful people at Allegory who were able to rush it to me would make it right if it started to have any issues anyway.

Front Pocket EDC Pouch | Zippered
Schmidt. John Jakob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
This thing is so incredibly handy!

It has saved me so many pockets!. It's a very affordable price for such a convenient, well-made product. It has upped my EDC game considerably. I plan on buying more of them to give them away for presents.

front pocket organizer

very well made and comfortable.

Quite heavy, but a beautiful pen - just like where it came from.

Excellent sellers. Great service and communication.

Daily use for 10 years, not a stich out of place.

Backed this wallet on Kickstarter, after a few other disappointing projects, and have been incredibly pleased with this wallet's durability and usefulness.

The wallet has stretched out a bit over time, but the leather is still in great shape, and it is still a very practical bit of kit.

I carry it everywhere, and often have to pat my pocket to make sure it's there - so comfortable it feels like nothing is there.

Great the second time around

This is my second wallet from Allegory. I had the first one for a lot of years. It became unusable when I down sized the number of cards I had in the exterior pocket. The leather had stretched and would no longer securely hold a smaller number of cards. This one promises to be just as good. I miss the patina on my old one, but I am looking forward to putting on the patina of this one.

Phenomenal Bag

The Macana mail bag is beautifully crafted with top quality materials, workmanship and style. Leather is sturdy and still refined. Main compartment holds my Mac Air laptop, files and accessories in well organized compartments and the under flap and backside compartment are practically designed and super functional.
Bonus pen slot works great with the pens Allegory makes as well. Adjustable strap sits well on the shoulder and can be slung securely and comfortably when on the move.

Initially ordered as a gift but they needed a bigger bag for a larger computer set up. Loved this bag so much that I kept it and ordered the larger messenger bag for the gift upgrade.

Highly recommend this bag and the customer support is stellar. Will order again and again.

Highly recommended!

A must own, Thank you!

Better than expected

My step son is a train aficionado and knows everything about trains. This was perfect for him. He loved it. The quality was superb, the pictures don't do it justice and the fact he was almost speechless speaks volumes. I hope he will always have this and use it!

A nice protective cover for everyday carry of a notebook

Chad and the Team at Allegory take great care and precision with everything they make and the Frost Journal cover is no exception. It's soft but protective and feels warm in the hand. Everything you need in one small bundle. The slot is intended for business cards but also works well for ID and credit cards. I keep a small calendar and pencils in the pocket slot and use a Moleskin notebook as my writing choice.

Excellent craftsmanship

Experience, time, and high quality materials went into this pen. I'm very satisfied with the results, as well as it's connection to history. It is going to be a good heirloom.

The Bard | Fountain Pen
Sgt. Shiny OCC
wow, this is my third from Allegory - amazing work!

I received my Bard from youse all...
Wow, it is superb!

Honestly, I have a 'cough cough', a bunch of Fountains, and this latest one is on the top.
Wow so well made. I have paid a lot more for a
pen, but this beautiful one takes the top step, IMO.

Replacement Just as Good as Original!

I got my first Allegory zippered pocket EDC pouch back in February of 2018, through a group purchase through what was then Massdrop. I've put a bunch of different things in that pouch as my usual EDC mix evolved over time, but one thing in particular seemed to be a bit of an issue. I would carry a silver dollar in the back pouch with the slit top. Like what guys report regarding wallets and condoms, a circle shape was quickly pressed into the leather, which wore a bit around the perimeter. I don't know if it was an interaction with the silver, or some reaction with my sweat, but the back of the pouch in that area got super dried out, the finish getting a "burned", crackled surface texture. Then, around that circle the coin pressed into the leather started to crumble, and it started to fall apart in that area.

Thankfully, I could get a replacement very easily! This time, though, I got the cleaning kit with it, and followed the instructions before I began to fill it up. I also left out the silver dollar, putting another item in that space that shouldn't have any kind of chemical reaction with the leather. I applied several coats of the leather cream, let it dry, then cure for the full 24 hours. A week later, I did the cleaning and application of leather cream again. Then I started moving my items from the old pouch to the new. It's a full load, so after everything was in the new pouch, I put it in my pocket for a day to get it good and warm, then gave it a quick cleaning to get any sweat off the leather, then heavily applied the leather cream. This was to give it as much of an opportunity to safely stretch the leather a little with as much protection from the leather cream as I could give it. Everything is now in place, and the pouch is every bit as good as the old one. Instead of the silver dollar, I put a square shaped digital recorder in that location. It's only 0.2" thick and about an inch square, so it's as thick as the silver dollar, but of an inert plastic and without the sharp edges the coin had. The recorder's edges are all very smooth and rounded. (It's a TileRec 2.0 64GB digital voice recorder, for those times when you want to get a good recording of things going on around you without holding a big phone up and making it obvious. This one has a short, thin lanyard to which I added a plastic clip. I can take it out of the pouch and clip it to a shot-bead chain around my neck I already hang a small flashlight from. Then it can be tucked inside my shirt, where it isn't visible but can still bring in sounds from up to 30 feet away clearly. We'll see if this one has the same issues with the finish on the back over time. I plan to clean and treat it at regular intervals to help prevent those issues.

It's still the best pocket pouch I've ever had. I've tried several, but only this one held nearly as much as comfortably.

Great quality pen, the next pen we buy will defo be from here thanks guys

Excelent Product!

The quality of the craftsmanship is remarkable! It is a beautiful item! I had to buy 2, one for use and one for my collection.


This is a beautifully handcrafted pen. My memory is back when students in my high school quietly sat in a circle in remembrance of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Owning this pen and the memory of Dr. King’s perseverance will always be with me as I use this pen. The personal handwritten note brought a smile and shows the excellence of this product and the c

Grossartige Kunst

Diese Füllfeder ist unglaublich schön ausgearbeitet und erfüllt mich mit Stolz. Natürlich habe ich noch ein zwei Sachen mehr dazu bestellt und bin absolut begeistert! Bravoo :)

Solid Pen - Great Service

This beautiful pen feels great in the hand; the weight is just right and the grip is fantastic. Overall, amazing craftsmanship. The pictures on the website made the wood look darker but mine is a little lighter, and honestly it looks better with the brass in my opinion. If I had one knock, I wish the pusher and the clip were also brass, it just looks a little funny with two tones of metal. When the pen arrived, the ink would not flow from the cartridge. I contacted Allegory and Jessica offered to send a replacement right away, fantastic customer service even though I declined. It has since been resolved with heating the end up and for upwards of a minute of scribbling to get the ink to flow, guessing the ink solidified at the tip.

Review of "The Click: Mechanical Pencil"

The allegory goods mechanical pencil is well made and pleasant to hold. The use of wood makes for a unique appearance.

great pens

Both the bolt action and fountain pens are well made . Well worth the price


When I saw the Kickstarter listing I knew this was something I had to get behind. The north Carolina is one of my favorite ships and the idea of getting to own a piece of it couldn't be passed up. The metal parts are also very high quality and have no blemishes or defects. Would definitely buy for anyone who likes military history or is just a collector of unique pens.

Regular Messenger Satchel

I got my regular messenger satchel during the kickstarter campaign. I LOVE it! It accommodates my 14" laptop beautifully. I chose the zipper enclosure, and it keeps it closed very well. I love how the strap is wide and long; I comfortably sling it across my body right at my hip level. I could shorten it if I want, but I have it at just the perfect length. My only minor disappointment is the "engraving". It doesn't show up very well. I know it's there, but few people ever notice it. I expect to have this for many years. It's already getting a nice leather patina. I certainly recommend it.

Excellent pen, great project

I backed the pen on Kickstarter because I have memories of visiting the North Carolina with my grandparents (and getting stuck belowdecks while a major storm swept through). I immediately swapped out the refill for one I prefer, and being G2 compatible means I have a lot of options available. The bolt action is smooth and easy to use. The pen is heavy, but balanced and rests nicely in the hand. I'm used to getting comments/questions/compliments on my fountain pens, and now I have a ballpoint that gets the same sort of attention.

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