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Kauri Rollerball

Excellent customer service with handwritten notes when they fixed a shipping error. Prompt email responses. Very pleased with pen and company

great card wallet

Great little wallet for your days when your only end to carry the essentials.
Beautiful finish and well made too!

Exactly what you need and how you need it

I was an original kickstarter supporter and wanted to upgrade to a bi-fold as my needs have changed, but knew about the quality.
The bi-fold wallet's quality is undeniably awesome and the fact that you can pick what goes where, on 4 sides, is the cherry on top!
It's the perfectly balanced wallet for cash, cards and then some small coins or things you can fit in a pocket, at least in my config :)
Only note: the engraving option goes on the external side and not on the internal folded lip, where the model text is, so keep that in mind if you add something custom.

Amazing pouch!

Fits all my little EDC items perfectly and freed up my front right pocket that I was originally using for that.


I was gifted the Bard for my birthday. Amazing craftsmanship. I love fountain pens and this one is by far the best in my collection. I will write with it daily. Truly an heirloom treasure!


Love it.

Fantastic Product

The quality and feel of these pens (I have five of them!) are unbelievable. Having a pen made with the history of the wood and the remarkable craftsmanship cannot be overstated. I gravitate to The CAP pen due to its heft, weight and bold style in a world of also ran pen styles. I've very happy with the pen and remember you can return the pen for any repairs as I did with another one. Very happy with the repair and quick return.

Absolutely excellent

Not just well made but an outstanding design. Something that wasn’t clear to me that’s absolute genius is how the elastic is stitched — it’s open in back so can be used as a loop but also doubled over so that you’re essentially getting two elastic pouches on the front. This makes it even more versatile. This thing is AWESOME.

Perspective 4 yrs later

I came back here after 4 years to order a new one for my friend who is graduating. This is my third padfolio but the first to last 4 years. It was twice as expensive but you really get what you paid for: US made (quality and crazy good guarantee), the higher leather quality is noticeable (it is my third padfolio but this lasts), and my most recent complement for it was a week ago on the patina (not my thing but love complements). I highly recommend this product and respect the quality enough to be back to get one for someone else. Combined with a good leather satchel/bag (2 compartment to carry laptop). When my current bag breaks, it is not from allegory, I will be back here to get one.

A Very Nice Fountain Pen and a Great Value

This is my second purchase from Allegory. I bought "The Cap" rollerball a number of years ago and I really love it. Also, I really appreciate their customer service; they stand by their work and are a good company.

"The Cap" fountain pen is very nice. It writes very will, with a medium-fine stroke and no bleeding or excess ink. The magnetic cap is very satisfying to click on top or post on the back. And the wood is both beautiful and provides nice feel. I find the pen slightly unbalanced when the cap is not posted, but that isn't an issue for me as I always keep the cap attached. One word of warning. The internal 'guide tube' where the ink cartridge is held is very narrow. It will fit true international standard cartridges (as they say) but there are many brands out there that sell "international standard" carts that are too wide for this pen. I made the mistake of trying to use one only to find ink all over my hands. This was my fault, not allegory's, but be advised anyway.

I give this "only" four stars because I have other fountain pens I like more; but they were much more expensive. This pen punches far above its weight and cannot be beat for price.

Excellent Gift!!

This pen has already been purchased 4 tines to be presented as gifts to my crew and engineers at special moments The appreciation and reaction from each recipient is something great to see. It has special meaning since our work is Mechanical Maintenance for the Railroad.

Pen gift

I purchased this for my wife's birthday. We've been married 48 years and she says this is the best time she's had. We both like the weight and heft of it. And we will be purchasing again thank you. Jim

Twain journal

This is a QUALITY leather cover. Workmanship is outstanding and the customer service is the best ever! Just as advertised and more!!!

Good quality. Design comes up short.

Nice leather quality. Like how soft and supple it is. Not the biggest fan of the double button closure. Would prefer a single button or some sort of clasp closure instead. Also because of how close the outer pen/pencil holding slot is to the upper button, you cannot both use the pen slot and use the upper button closure, which kind of defeats the purpose of having two pen slots. Would definitely recommend getting the zipper closure option or else the frost journal with its single pen sot.

Love it! Beautifully made, best gift for lefty husband!!

Simplistic beauty

I have several portfolios from Allegory with zippers or snap buttons, so I wanted to change for a simpler designed portfolio. I am very happy with the product. It is easy to use, well made and very durable. I really like Allegory's product because it is very well thought in its design, and beautiful without being pretentious. Those looking for perfection in details should probably look elsewhere, but personally I appreciate the roughness and uniqueness of each item. A brand, inspiring concepts and product to definitely explore.

Great, ageless portfolio

Only had it for couple of weeks but I love it. The leather is warm to the touch and robust. I know this thing will age beautifully and look even better in a few years. Yes, it wasn’t cheap but I expect this to be the last portfolio I ever buy.

Get it for your grads as this thing will last them a lifetime.

The 1941 Series Twist | Limited Edition Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Gene Boersma
Awesome writing implement

This was purchased after watching an episode of "Handcrafted America" in which your company was spotlighted. My wife and I both thought, "what a great company, we need to get one of the pens". Christmas was fast approaching and I had no ideas on what to get her at that point (I'm a guy, I procrastinate). So I quickly got on your website and purused your inventory. What I thought would be an easy decision turned out to take a little longer than I had anticipated. Ball point or foutain pen? Pen and pencil set? Style? The options were many. My wife grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin where Parker pens were produced so not just any pen would suffice. I'm also very fussy about my writing tools. I decided on the 1941 twist model due to the wood's historic past along with a customized cherry wood pen case. I anxiously awaited the delivery and was beyond impressed with both items when they arrived. The mechanism and writing action are superior to any pen I have ever used and the wood box is a perfect compliment to the pen. Thank you for the quick shipment and for providing quality pens and writing implements. The art of putting pen to paper is quickly going the way of the horse and buggy so thank you for keeping the tools of this art alive.

Gene Boersma

This is the third one I've purchased (two as gifts)

My first wallet purchase was for my husband for a wedding anniversary 7 years ago. It was the wallet with the vinyl pocket on one side and the card pocket on the other. He still carries and uses it daily. I decided that I needed one for myself about 5 years ago. And then this Christmas my sister in law was looking for a small wallet that would carry cards and cash. I was able to order one with two card pockets and I'm anticipating that it will be exactly what she was looking for.

The leather is good quality and the vinyl has held up better than any other wallet I've had, so that's a big plus. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a minimalist wallet to carry the essentials.

Awesome Portfolio

Great addition for the professional tool kit, after countless searches on the internet, the Rockefeller Portfolio is exactly what I was looking for, Allegory’s craftsmanship & customer service is beyond reproach.

This is now my new go to portfolio, and I will recommend Allegory to my fam & friends

The 1941 Series Bolt | Limited Edition Bolt-action Ballpoint Pen
Alex Lucas
Very nice pen with a bit of history

It's a really nice pen. The bolt action works well. It's a little on the heavy side but I like it. And the history of the wood is really cool and catches everyone's attention.

Ford Medium Padfolio

The quality of design and material is excellent! Very minimal in layout, which is what I was looking for. However, the inclusion of two pen holder is much appreciated. The communication was good and service fast. My only suggestion would be for better guidance with engravings. My logo is 'positive/negative' text leading into a rectangle. The 'negative' text inside the rectangle, due to the laser, ended up slightly smaller than the text outside the rectangle. I could have made some adjustments to the logo to accommodate for the difference. However, this issue is specific to our Logo Design, the engraving still looks great.

Great Product

Perfect size, strength, weight. Leather looks good. Selling points were (1) made in America and (2) the lifetime warranty. Will look here first when I need a zippered pad folio.

The 1941 Series Bolt | Limited Edition Bolt-action Ballpoint Pen

My Grandfather was a Plankowner of this ship, meaning he was part of the commissioning crew. His battle station was inside the hatch of port side gun of the rear turret, where he loaded 50 lb sacks of gunpowder and 2200 lb shells.

To have an amazing pen from the original teak decks where he walked, fought, saw the world at war, and survived... it's hard to put it to words. Thank you.

PS. "The Showboat" was torpedoed Spt 15th, 1942, not seriously damaged it headed back to Pearl Harbor for repairs, at which point he left the ship for a new duty out of San Francisco.... where four months later he met a special woman, that ended up my grandmother. A story to write about indeed.

5+ Stars

I bought this wallet years ago. So long ago I can't remember, close to a decade now I suppose..

It's held up amazingly, super thin, fits about 6 credits cards, cash, and my business cards. No rips and the lining is in great shape. So slim I forget I have it sometimes.

Can't imagine buying these other gimmicky "minimalist" wallets that are metal, mechanical stuff, hard, etc.

Highly recommend.

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