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Our Values

The story matters.

A product is more than just a list of features and a price tag. It has story, so why not make that story great?

When we focus only on the end, whether it's a great product or a goal in life, there are consequences. Not only do we miss the opportunity to enjoy the process, we can justify all kinds of nasty things in the name of achieving something. Companies can run factories with suicide nets, trash the environment, treat their people like assets, all in the name of greatness. Our version of greatness happens in the moment. It's about getting the most joy you can from the process of getting there. If results are all that matters, a pen made with 50,000 year old wood doesn't matter. But if the story matters most... well... you see where we're headed.

Guaranteed for Life, No questions asked.

No questions asked. No paperwork needed. You'll love it on day one and day 10,000.

It's the simplest and most powerful guarantee we could create. If we made it, it is guaranteed for life. We will repair or replace anything. If you buy it, you'll love it. If you don't we'll work with you until you do, or you can return it for a full refund. If you lose it, or it gets destroyed outside of reasonable use, we'll sell you a replacement at half price. Lots of companies use words like "reasonable use" as a loophole. We don't. Wear and tear is part of reasonable use, and it is covered.

Connection is key.

You're working directly with the artisans. This is about real connection for us, and it shows in the products themselves.

We love the quote by Francis of Assisi that says, "He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” We’ve always felt a connection to objects made by a person, not a machine. Something special happens when a craftsman sets their hands to a piece. The care, dedication, and passion they put into the work becomes a part of the object – it stays there. When we left our desk jobs, and started Allegory, we found out why first hand. There’s something about using your hands, head, and heart at the same time. Knowing that you are making something another person will use for a lifetime, that you are in the service of a complete stranger, makes you somehow connected to that person.

Designed for decades.

Designed to break in, not wear out. It's not about what sells this week. It's about what lasts.

Fads come and go. But some things take longer to change. Artisans have been making useful everyday items from wood and leather since the dawn of civilization. So we stay focused on the long run. We don't measure the value of a design decision based on the moment of purchase, but rather on the first decade of use. We allow form to follow function because things that do their job well never go out of style. And we treat every relationship that drives our business (customers, partners, and team) like they're going to be part of our life for the long haul.

Handmade in Chicago by a small team of makers.

It's not just about place, it's about people. We're a small studio filled with people who love their work.

There's something special that happens when a product is made with love. You can't fake joy, and it's contagious. So our Chicago-based team is paid living wages and is encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance. We believe people do their best, when they are at their best. So we create a place for our team to thrive.

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