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The Kit Slim | Custom Front Pocket Wallet

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Customizable Front Pocket Wallet.

Design your perfect wallet in just a couple steps using our Kit System. This front pocket design has two slots for custom pockets of your choice, and a generously sized card pocket in the center that loads from the corner to lock contents in place.

  • Slim front pocket form factor with two custom pockets.
  • Center compartment loads from the corner, locking contents in place.
  • Made with full grain kangaroo leather - slim, strong, and one of the most sustainable leathers in the world.
  • Handmade in Chicago and guaranteed for life.

The Kit System

The Kit System allows you to design the perfect wallet in just a couple steps. Three form factors, The Slim (this one), The Clip (a spring clip-based design), and The Fold (a traditional bifold), all have spots for custom pockets. Simply choose the pockets that fit what you want to carry and...blammo! Custom wallet!

Custom Pockets

01: Card

A sleek card sleeve that holds 3-4 cards.

02: Stretch

A high capacity elastic card pocket that holds 6-8 cards.

03: Zipper

A zippered pouch for coins and valuables.

04: Keys

3 Key pockets with elastic loops. Each loop holds two keys. When not in use, the loops tuck into the sleeve.

05: Clear

Clear vinyl pocket for credentials.

06: Shield

RFID protected card pocket that holds up to 3 cards. Lined with metallic fabric.

07: Clip

Money clip with two attachment points. Use the included clip or attach your favorite one.

08: Strap

Elastic strap that holds lots of cash, cards, or receipts.

09: Clip/Card Combo

A single money clip attachment point paired with a card pocket. Use the included money clip or attach your favorite one.

10: Key/Strap Combo

2 Key pockets with elastic loops, and an elastic cash strap. Each loop holds two keys. When not in use, the loops tuck into the sleeve.

Specifications (it's all in the details)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Last Wallet I'll ever own

For years I was into minimalist wallets, every one had a gimmick that someone else really thought was great, but I'd get one and it was either too cheap, too uncomfortable, or just unusable.

I've had this wallet for years it's held up very well, it's the best wallet I've owned. I have the combo money clip/card, and the RFID. With the card/clip combo I almost never have to pull it out of my pocket as I can grab my primary cards or cash by feel. With the RFID I can store my passport card or other RFID cards while I'm traveling. It holds 10 cards and my fisher space pen alongside them.

This wallet is so great I'm getting two more, one as a spare for my self, and one for my son. With the soft leather, custom interior, custom front/back, and the message there's no doubt that your wallet will be one of a kind, just the way you are.

Once you own this you never have to deal with minimalist wallets that fall apart, use rubber bands, or shove an uncomfortable metal wallet into your pocket again.

Quality materials, customized for you. This wallet truly is the top of the line.

Philip Kohn
Awesome Wallet

I've been using this wallet for several years after supporting it on Kickstarter. It's been an awesome wallet that has survived this whole time. After putting it in your pocket, you may forget it's there - which is great!

Doron Klemer
Simplicity itself

I'm a wallet lover, always jumping from one to another, and although I've moved on from this one since buying it on a kickstarter whim, it was my wallet for about 2 years, longer than most of them last.

It was small and incredibly sleek (saving my over-stuffed pockets from bulging for once), but held everything it needed it to. I opted for none of the add-ons, as far as I can remember, but it's the materials used and attention to detail (as with all of the Allegory items I've purchased over the years) which make this wallet so special.

I may go dig it out and give it a second life in the wallet rotation!

Sam V.
Best minimalist wallet

I've had many wallets throughout my lifetime and when I was searching for a new wallet, I came across a Kickstarter campaign for this wallet and loved the idea of supporting a small business, while also having a quality product that was going to last awhile.

I opted for the strap/key combo and zippered pouch for my options and I haven't been disappointed by either of those choices. I have a maximum card rule of 7 for my wallet, but the main card pouch could easily carry more than that (I've stuffed a few extra in to see how it looked and it stretches better than you might think). I've had my wallet for a few years now and it's holding up strong and beautifully broken in.

I recommend this wallet to any other minimalists out there who are looking for the perfect wallet and I'd recommend checking out the other wallets available for those who like to carry everything with them - I doubt either party would be disappointed.
Knowing that you get a quality product that the company stands behind AND get to support an amazing small business in the process is pretty much the ideal shopping experience on my opinion.

TL;dr treat yourself to one of these, you won't be disappointed.

Nicolas Gaudreau
I don’t even know it’s there

It fits everything I have and it is so thin I can barely feel it in my pocket

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