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The Arc Edition | Rollerball or Fountain pen made with historic wood.

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Made with wood that witnessed civil rights history.

The arc-shaped inlay comes from the building Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke in front of after the Selma voting rights march in 1965. That day he said, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." This pen commemorates the hope that each day brings us closer to a reality where we all gets to tell our own story.

  • Arc inlay made with wood from the Alabama State Capitol building.
  • Main wood body made with 5,000 year old bog oak.
  • A portion of each sale invests in the future of one of Chicago's most violent neighborhoods through our partnership with Good Kids Mad City - Englewood.
  • Medium barreled pen with cap that unscrews and posts to back for balance. Your choice of fountain, rollerball, or both.
  • Fountain pen with German-made nib. Steel core and medium-weight iridium tip for a smooth writing experience with a touch of line variation. Includes disposable ink cartridge and piston filler for your favorite bottled ink.
  • Rollerball is compatible with 110 mm Euro rollerball refills and ships with a Schneider Topball 850.
  • Set includes limited edition box, one fountain pen, and one rollerball.
  • Handmade in Chicago and guaranteed for life.

The Story

Dr. King Addresses Crowd.

On March 25, 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stepped in front of a microphone on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol building in Montgomery, Alabama. Over the past five days, he and thousands of others had marched 54 miles from Selma, Alabama. On that day Dr. King said something incredibly powerful. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Dr. King in front of the Alabama state capitol.

The Alabama State Capitol building had long been a seat of power in the segregationist South, serving as the first capitol of the Confederate States and housing their constitutional convention. George Wallace, the Alabama governor, was a staunch segregationist and refused to protect or recognize the protesters. Dr. King's choice to speak from these steps, in and of itself, was an act of strength and defiance. In 1985, the State Capitol building began its first significant renovation since the events of 1965. As part of this renovation a board was removed from the threshold. This board made its way into our hands in 2012. We kept it for 8 years, unsure how we could share a story that didn't feel like ours. And then we witnessed George Floyd's death, and the ensuing unrest. While we still don't feel like we have any answers, silence wasn't an option. So we released the Arc Edition on Kickstarter and promised to give back to the community somehow. This led us to form a partnership with Good Kids Mad City - Englewood.

GKMC - Englewood works in one of Chicago's most violent communities and gives kids life saving options, community, and hope. A portion of the sale from each Arc Edition pen is donated to their work, and you can donate directly to them here.

Feature Spotlight

Matte Metal Cap

Unscrews from the front of the pen and pressure fit posts to back for excellent balance while writing. Integrated pocket clip.

Pen cap with clip.

Limited Edition Numbering

Each pen is engraved with a limited edition number and includes a leather sleeve and a signed certificate of authenticity.

limited edition numbering.

Rollerball Option

Elegant rollerball includes Schneider Topball 850 refill for a smooth writing experience. Compatible with all 110mm Euro rollerball refills.

Rollerball Pen Tip.

Fountain Pen Option

Fountain pen uses a #5 German-made nib. Steel core and medium-weight iridium tip for a smooth writing experience with a touch of line variation. Includes disposable ink cartridge and piston filler for your favorite bottled ink.

Fountain Pen Nib

Set with limited edition box.

The fountain pen & rollerball set includes the limited edition box.

Engraved wood box.

Specifications (it's all in the details)

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In the box

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  • Lots of companies use words like "reasonable use" as a loophole. We don't. Wear and tear is part of reasonable use, and it is covered.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Robin Toll
Amazing Construction, Amazing Meaning

I backed the Arc Edition's Kickstarter and got two of the limited edition variants as gifts for family. These pens embody Allegory Goods's amazing craftsmanship and knack for making their products meaningful as well as beautiful. Comfortable to use, gorgeous to display.

Tom Kimmey
Amazing First Purchase

I purchased this pen while it was on indiegogo. Originally purchased for the historical significance and didn't know how often I would actually write with it. It has become my every day pen. The feel and the writing itself are top notch. The physical pen itself is amazing. After this, I have purchased 2 more pens that I enjoy as well.

Travis Meier
Amazing and deeply inspiring.

The story behind this pen makes it worth the purchase. Every time I use it I cannot help but think about the pieces of wood that make up the body of the pen. Where they came from and the stories they can tell. As a pen, it functions well and is reliable. As a piece of inspiration, it's value is intangible.

Dean Fukawa
Holding a piece of history...

My reviews are pretty binary; if I would recommend a product to friends and family, I give it 5-stars. If I feel uncomfortable recommending to people I know, then it get's 1-star. This Arc Edition fountain and roller ball pen set, I can heartily recommend to friends and family.

Now to the nitty gritty:
Fountain pen: as a writing tool, there is nothing special with the working pieces of this pen. It appears to be a kit pen with a number 5 Schmidt sst nib. I ordered mine in a fine nib and it works like many of my other fountain pens with this nib, which means it is a reliable, if unexciting, writer. It is a cartridge convertor, so you can either use the supplied standard international cartridge, or you can use the convertor and select any fountain pen friendly inks. Personally, I use the convertor because the ink world is too large to limit myself to the paltry cartridge world of inks. Not sure what brand the convertor is but it is a competent, all plastic unit.

Roller ball: the roller ball takes a Schneider Topball 850 Blue 0.5 mm Rollerball Refills, and like the fountain pen, it appears to be a standard kit piece. Cap unscrews with a little over 1-turn. The one quirk is the spring is attached to the end of the refill instead of at the tip of refill. Like the fountain pen, it is a competent writer.

The intangibles: The beauty of this set is the historical context; the light colored Arc is taken from the threshold of Alabama State Capitol. That singular piece of threshold was in place for many historic moments, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s, "Our God is Marching On" speech. Even the darker wood is turned from bog oak, that has been submerged for thousands of years. There is something about physically touching, using and creating while using these pens. It is an indescribable experience. There are many intangibles in Life, and this pen touches me on those deeper levels. Is it quantifiable? No, it is not. Does it make a difference? To me, it makes a huge difference. As always, your mileage may vary.

The laser etched presentation box is a nice presentation/storage for your pens. Included are 2-leather pen sleeves. Again, it is the hand crafted process I find so appealing. Chad and his team have done an outstanding job, imagining, crafting and bringing this project to life. Kudos Chad and much success on your future projects.


A beautiful pen, which will make a meaningful gift.

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