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Ecuadorian Latigo Leather

Ecuadorian Latigo Leather

We’re big fans of promoting quality of life for animals throughout the supply chain so we source our leather from a place where virtually all cattle are free-range, grass-fed, and factory farms are nearly impossible to find.

We worked directly with the tannery to craft the perfect leather for our products. They use a hybrid between top-grain and full-grain processing, removing just enough material to improve the look while retaining durability we can guarantee for life. Then they top that off with a hydrophobic treatment so you don't have to worry about a little rain or the occasional spill.

From there the tannery finishes our leather two ways. The browns are a matte finish, designed to show marks and age very easily, quickly developing a classic aged-leather patina. However, they can easily be cleaned and conditioned to buff out the wear marks. The idea here is that you can dial in how much age/character you want your piece to show based on how often you condition it - just like folks used to shine their shoes (or maybe you still do!).

The black is a pebbled finish, we've found that folks who choose black leather often prefer less of a “rustic character" look, so this one won't show wear as quickly as our browns and has a classic, polished appearance.

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It's not just about place, it's about people. A small studio filled with people who love their work.
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You're working directly with the artisans. This is about real connection for us, and it shows in the products themselves.
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